If you would like to place an order, please review our delivery information and our rate schedule and then fill out the form below or contact Roger directly by email or phone (508-792-2414).

Important Information:

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Please fill out the following form if you would like to place an order for firewood. Once you submit the form, we will be in touch to discuss the details of your order and finalize delivery and payment. Submitting this form does not guarantee your order, we will contact you to confirm your order directly.

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2019-2020 Rate Schedule

  Basic Delivery Plan Custom Delivery Plan
Delivery Area
1/2 Cord 1st Cord 2nd Cord 1/2 Cord 1st Cord 2nd Cord
Area 1
$230 $365 $340 $255 $390 $365
Area 2
$245 $380 $340 $270 $405 $365
Area 3
$260 $395 $340 $285 $420 $365
Area 4
$275 $410 $340 $300 $435 $365
Area 5
$290 $425 $340 $315 $450 $365
Area 6
$305 $440 $340 $330 $465 $365

Delivery Options

You must be home to accept delivery. We offer two different delivery options for your convenience:

Basic Delivery Option: We will place your pallets of wood neatly within 20-30' of wherever we can get with our delivery truck, which is a 35' long, single-axel box truck.

Custom Delivery Option: We will use a motorized pallet truck to leave the wood in a more convenient location, based on your request.

Delivery Area

Our primary delivery area (Area 1) includes the towns of Spencer and East Brookfield. Delivery to surrounding towns is according our rate schedule with a 1/2-cord minimum.

Delivery Map