The Importance of Burning Dry Wood

Broad Arrow Firewood specializes in seasoned firewood. Seasoned wood saves you money because it burns more efficiently and drastically reduces the amount of air pollution that your stove gives off. Seasoned wood also reduces the amount of creosote buildup in your chimney, which reduces your risk of chimney fire.

Pallets of firewood

Too often unseasoned wood is sold to unsuspecting customers. At Broad Arrow Firewood, our wood is bagged and palletized immediately after it is split, and then it seasons outdoors on its pallet – not on the ground. This allows for maximum air circulation while drying. You may also be reassured to know that we are not using additional fossil fuel energy to kiln dry our wood as some companies do.

A Note About Oak:

Oak is a common species in our forest and is highly desirable for heating due to its high BTU value, but due to its higher density, takes longer to season. We have been experimenting with seasoning oak using our bagging method and will bag this species separately if we think it will not have enough time to season before fall. Many people still prefer this wood even though it hasn't met our standards for moisture content. Let us know if you want palllets of oak in your order. We will be able to tell you the moisture content of these pallets and how long they have had to season.

Moisture testing